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by Kret Colonel Kret carrying out some primary research Place names and the problem of location Many places are entirely straightforward, for instance the cities of Poznań, Gdańsk, Łódź and Warszawa, but what about Katowice? Katowice and many other Polish places suggest the existence of a collective schizophrenia. Katowice, Kielce and towns such as Pniewy […]

by Borsuk The lower end of ul. Dumki in Warsaw. Photo Mike Dembinski. Mike Dembinski writes about one of my pet hates on Wwa-Jeziorki: And finally, a note for Polish -> English translators. Ul. Dumki is not translated as Dumki Street, any more than Bahnhoffstrasse is translated as Bahnhoff Street or Rue St. Michel as […]

by Kret Polish local government is well known for its wonderful buildings, which though built in different architectural styles all have distinctive appearance which helps create the right ambiance between Polish citizens and the friendly and helpful officials who serve them. Photo Maciej Boryna. (Click to see original image on Wikipedia and for details of […]