The problem of location


by Kret

Colonel Kret carrying out some primary research

Place names and the problem of location

Many places are entirely straightforward, for instance the cities of Poznań, Gdańsk, Łódź and Warszawa, but what about Katowice?

Katowice and many other Polish places suggest the existence of a collective schizophrenia. Katowice, Kielce and towns such as Pniewy and Szamotuły have multiple identities. The town and urban municipality of Szamotuły described itself, once as the Szamotuły towns. The same thinking is apparent in Bobrowice where the chief executive officer admitted to problems in some of the Bobrowice but not in all of them. It should be noted that Bobrowice is a municipality with the principal village of the same name in the progressive Lubuskie Province.

Quite apart from the implications for translators, there are manifold considerations in administration, planning or real estate classification. Little wonder that there are difficulties in Police, problems in Suwalki and Sejny, euphoria in Katowice – so much potential, so many real estates although difficult when they overlap! The phenomenon of officials not knowing or not reacting to the situation on the streets is regrettably well-known, but takes on new dimensions when councillors and clerks are dealing with multiple geographical entities mysteriously located on top of or beside each other.

In these situations the translator is obliged to conduct primary research starting with maps and even extending to conducting micro-light flights over the designated city or town for they just may be cities or towns.


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  1. Come on Kret! Let’s have some more! This looks v. promising… Few more months and you’ll get on all the significant Polish-English blogrolls!


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