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by Szczurek Soon DB’s ‚Kiss and Ride’ signs will only be a memory. (Click on image to see original photo by The BBC reports that Franz Aschenbrenner, a retired headmaster from Bavaria, has single-handedly succeeded in reversing Deutsche Bahn policy of using English names such as Hotline, Kiss and Ride and Call-a-bike; from now […]

Instructions found inside a tube of gift wrapping paper. Photo Sophie Ainscough. The Daily Telegraph has a series of picture galleries devoted to funny signs spotted by readers. Some are the results of poor translation. The gift wrap instructions discovered by Telegraph reader Sophie Ainscough is one of the more enigmatic texts. Click on the […]

by Szczurek Marley’s ghost, from Charles Dickens: A Christmas Carol. In Prose. Being a Ghost Story of Christmas. Illustrations by John Leech.  Chapman & Hall, 1843. When Finance Minister Leszek Balcerowicz introduced Poland’s fast-track IMF adjustment programme, did the ensuing wave of austerity distort the way future Ministers of Economic Affairs read their portfolios? I […]



by Kret Ruskie Pierogi by Mrs Stako. Photo by Stako. (Click on image to see original on Wikipedia and details of licensing.) One of the most notorious translation minefields is Polish food. What should one write when encountering Pierogi, Kołduny or Uszka? Can they really be translated as dumplings? Of course not, they have virtually […]