Du sollst nicht ‚kiss and ride’


by Szczurek

Soon DB’s ‚Kiss and Ride’ signs will only be a memory.

(Click on image to see original photo by http://www.sneakerb0b.de)

The BBC reports that Franz Aschenbrenner, a retired headmaster from Bavaria, has single-handedly succeeded in reversing Deutsche Bahn policy of using English names such as Hotline, Kiss and Ride and Call-a-bike; from now on they will be replaced by ‚more German’ names, such as: Servicenummer, Kurzzeitparkzone and Call-a-Bike Das Mietrad-Angebot der Deutschen Bahn. So if one man can reverse the policy of DB, perhaps there is a chance that the combined forces of Kret, Szczurek and Borsuk can persuade Polish officialdom to improve their sloppy translations?


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