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Ada and Anne


By Szczurek What do Anne Applebaum and Ada Lovelace have in common? Did you answer that they both had their day last week? Anne Applebaum made one of her rare appearance on Polish TV. She gave a very guarded interview about the possibility of becoming Poland’s First lady. Meanwhile Ada Lovelace had her very own […]

by Kret Sosnowiec Power Station 500 rouble share certificate from 1917 (Click on the image to buy a copy of the original from Galeria Numistoria.) Is it a plane? Is it a bird? No, it is an Unknown Corporate Entity! It is the bane of translators. A name such as Zakład Produkcyjny Usługowy Bagno  S.A. […]

by Szczurek Sunday’s televised debate between Bronisław Komorowski and Radek Sikorski was a disappointment. The two contenders for the position of Platforma Obywatelska‚s nomination for president failed to establish any clear blue water between themselves. Perhaps this was only to be expected, given that both candidates were promoting a Prezydentura Lite, and wanted to distance […]

Fog index


by Szczurek The front cover of the EIS report. (Click on the image to download the report as a pdf file.) A couple of days ago, an e-mail from Polish Market Online landed in my mailbox. I clicked on a link and was taken to a page which carried the following: Poland’s achievements in innovativeness […]

and other place names By Szczurek Wherry yacht White Moth on Ranworth Broad. Photo Your questions answered, No.1 Q. Should I translate Wielkopolska as ‚Great Poland’ or ‚Greater Poland’? A. Referring to Wielkopolska as ‚Great Poland’ or ‘Greater Poland’ is a big faut pas. If you were translating from English to Polish would you […]

by Kret Picture from website. Once upon a time, I translated a text concerning a Wyższa Szkoła Logistyki. I was astounded to be informed by the translation agency that the client was most annoyed about my translation of the institution as ‘Higher School of Logistics’. I was told that in the opinion of the […]