Empty skies


The four horsemen of the Apocalypse. Picture Victor Vatnetsov.

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Nearly all of Europe’s airports are closed after Iceland’s Eyjafjallajokull volcano erupted for the second time in a month on Wednesday, shooting ash several miles into the atmosphere. Winds pushed the plume south and east across Britain, Ireland, Scandinavia and into the heart of Europe.

Millions of air travellers are stranded across Europe after some 8,000 flights were cancelled on Thursday and twice that number on Friday. The dangers of flying into the dust were dramatically experienced by the pilot of a British Airways plane returning from Sydney to London some 30 years ago. His Boeing 747 flew into an ash cloud that had drifted from a volcanic eruption in Indonesia. The dust stripped the paint from the fuselage and scratched the windows so badly the pilots thought they were in thick fog. Worst of all, it collected in the engines and, one by one, they died. As the engines cooled, the dust freed itself and the engines restarted: only to fill up again a few minutes later, die and restart.

When dispersed in the altitudes through which planes fly the dust is invisible to the naked eye except and is completely invisible to radar. This is why airspace in the UK and across Europe was closed down so quickly; neither NATS nor Eurocontrol can be absolutely certain where the dust might be.

Or at least that is the official explanation. But maybe there is another reason for grounding all of Europe’s aircraft? Citizen Godden postulates…

…there could be many reasons why you need to ground Northern Europe’s aircraft within a few hours. It could be aliens, it could be nuclear weapons, it could be terrorism! I guess we just won’t know…

Scary stuff. But maybe the volcanic dust is real and is the eruption like recent earthquakes is a part of USA ionosphere cooking experiment being carried out in HAARP Alaska and Australia

…to manipulate the weather by artificial means through ELF, EHF EMf Geomagnetic forces as a way to trigger Earthquakes, Volcanoes, and to spawn Tornadoes and, Hurricanes…

Or so thinks havf8 and increasing number of HAARP watchers in both hemispheres. But perhaps, rather than seeing the work of man, we are facing the wrath of God?

What’s going to happen? Ostensible stability; sensible, measured behaviour. Nothing’s changed – or has it? Princess Di, John Paul II – this is deeper; not melodrama, not rubbernecking, not an expected passing. This is History unfolding. This is Mass Psychology, this is a nation experiencing traumatic tension, in the crowd yet alone. What is going to happen? Will the great and good manage to fly to the Funeral? Portents in the sky. The volcano – is it a sign? God’s displeasure?…

Writes Michael Dembinski, in his ever excellent Wwa-Jeziorki blog. But if it is the wrath of God, doubting man needs it signed and authenticated. So how about this piece which Michael published on Wwa-Jeziorki just a day earlier.

From Poland regaining independence at the end of World War I to the Poland’s invasion by Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union – 7,615 days

That’s from 11 November 1918 to 17 September 1939, when President Ignacy Mościcki crossed the border into Romania, taking with him the insignia of state on the day of Stalin’s invasion of eastern Poland. The formal length of the Second Republic of Poland.

From Poland regaining democracy to the Smolensk air crash – 7,615 days.

That’s from 4 June 1989, when Poles were able to vote in a partially-free election which led to the formation of a non-communist government, to 10 April 2010.

Spooky, eh, readers?


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