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By Szczurek PolishMarket front cover (Click image to see the PolishMarket website.) PolishMarket is a prestigious business magazine which promotes Poland as a good place to to business. It targets foreign decision makers interested in developing trade and economic relations with Poland. The editorial team enjoys high level access to Poland’s ministers, business leaders and […]

The University of Bangor The BBC reports that the University of Bangor is about to start a research programme to examine whether using two languages helps to preserve the faculties of the brain. Come to think of it the lights seem to be going out must faster in those of my school friends who only […]

Huta Szkła, Dąbrowa Górnicza. Is it a ‚works’ or a ‚foundry’? One of the problems faced by Polish to English translators is when the customer decides to try to ‚improve’ your English. Your ancestors have lived in Poland since the days of Mieszko I, you have spoken the language of Shakespeare and Dickens all your […]

Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie, explore the extent to which the English language and British culture are interdependent. Video clip from A Bit of Fry and Laurie, BBC TV .

Hung Parliament


A cartoon from the cover of Punch magazine vol. 1, 1841. Picture via Wikipedia Commons. Most UK journalists have made a good show of wringing their hands in dismay at Westminster’s so-called hung parliament. Each scrap of news thrown at the media from the Cameron, Brown or Clegg camp causes another round of feeding frenzy. […]

The left hand nameplate of Poland’s most famous steam locomotive Piękna Helena. Photo BTWT. Let’s take another look at names. How should we translate Piękna Helena into English? Beautiful Helena or Beautiful Helen? Which one would you have chosen? In fact both versions could be either right or wrong depending on the context. So let’s […]