Mixed message from ‚PolishMarket’


By Szczurek

PolishMarket front cover

(Click image to see the PolishMarket website.)

PolishMarket is a prestigious business magazine which promotes Poland as a good place to to business. It targets foreign decision makers interested in developing trade and economic relations with Poland. The editorial team enjoys high level access to Poland’s ministers, business leaders and senior academics. The articles are topical and well researched. Presumably the publication is sponsored by one of Poland’s ministries – after completing a simple registration process the latest edition can be downloaded free of charge.

PolandMarket is a valuable shop window for the business opportunities available in Poland. Sometimes the style may seem a touch laboured, native English writers tend to be more pithy than Poles, but the translations are generally acceptable and free from serious mistakes. Sadly the same is not true for PolishMarket’s own shop window – its own WWW pages.

Here are some examples of what I found on the website today.

LOT plans to sell thirteen Boeing 737 and ATRs produced over 20 years ago. When it comes to new mid-haul planes, new generation Boeing 737 or Airbus A319 or A320 are considered, the newspaper notes. ATR 72-600 or Bombardier Q400 are to serve national flights. Negotiations with three leasing companies have been launched and it is believed that the turn of 2010 and 2011 is a realistic deadline when agreements should be reached.

This has bad logic as well as bad English.

Poland’s fuel concern Lotos Group has decided to take over Lithuanian oil exploration company Geonafta. The acquisition of the remaining 59.41% stake in Geonafta will give Lotos Petrobaltic a 30% boost in its extraction capacity. Analysts suggest that geological risks in Lithuanian offshore oil fields are low and the size of the deposits seemz promising.

This contains one ‚false friend’ and one horrible spelling mistake.

Publication of the study is supplemented by an expert study Manpower Development of a future worker’s potential: a new way to mismatch of talents, which provides guidance for employers in the current situation in the labour market.

Ah yes, so that is where Polish employers are going wrong.

The organizers of a new portal bringing together potential employers and \potential employees, OFERIA.PL, have held a press conference in Warsaw. Oferia.pl is a result of the authors’ innovative approach towards existing job-search web solutions.

Oferia.pl should get themselves a new English copywriter.

If Krystyna Woźniak-Trzosek, PolishMarket’s Editor-in-Chief, is too busy editing the magazine to polish her own web pages herself, we know half a dozen professional English editors and copywriters who would gladly do the job for her.

After the most diligent consideration of the above we are delighted to announce that our judges have unanimously decided to award the PolishMarket’s web pages our first ever prestigious wooden spoon award.

The last wooden spoon awarded at Cambridge University


2 Responses to “Mixed message from ‚PolishMarket’”

  1. 1 Steve

    My favourite magazine wrong translation described Poland as being in the Middle East of Europe. An area of high political tension, filled with suicide bombers, fighting armies, and racial and religious conflict? No, Central and Eastern Europe.

  2. 2 adthelad

    I hope you meant professional English/Polish editors etc. (i.e. good translators). The problem with just using single language editors is that although they may produce good service with respect to the English, they may actually end up creating copy that does not reflect the meaning of the original Polish text.


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