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Marina Orlova


Screen capture from Marina Orlova’s YouTube video about nicknames. (Click image to view the entire video on the HotForWords YouTube channel.) If you don’t know about YouTube sensation Marina Orlova then you are probably fast asleep in some Internet backwater. Marina is the Russian girl who according to Harper Collins came to the United States […]



Thorn – the first character is a capital, the second is in lower case. Did you know that there is a letter missing in the English alphabet? It’s a real letter. As well as the image at the head of this article, most readers should also be able to see it in the text. Here […]

Some pet hates


The Gaboon Viper. Photo by Ltsheras via Wikipedia. (Public Domain) Here are some examples of sloppy English which illustrate some of the bad habits which occur with depressing regularity on the English pages of some of Poland’s most prestigious websites. The NBP Bureau of Economic Research conducts periodical economy cycle research by sending questionnaires to […]

Pani Frau. The blues-loving Pani Higienistka, the deus-ex-machina in that cult Polish cartoon series Wlatcy Much (sic) is an attractive role model. How I wish I was more like her. But, as I age the truth slowly dawns… I AM Pani Frau! Anusiak how DARE you ask me what the Polish for ‚driver’ is? How […]