Contextually crotchety


Pani Frau.

The blues-loving Pani Higienistka, the deus-ex-machina in that cult Polish cartoon series Wlatcy Much (sic) is an attractive role model. How I wish I was more like her. But, as I age the truth slowly dawns… I AM Pani Frau!

Anusiak how DARE you ask me what the Polish for ‚driver’ is? How many times have I told you that English is a highly contextual language. Give me the context? What do you mean, What context? Tell me… tell me the word before the word driver. Are you talking about the driver of a tram, taxi, HGV, steam locomotive or graphics card; perhaps a pile driver, screw driver or crane driver.* You see Anusiak, Polish is a very rich language, English words have to work so much harder.

Pani Higienistka and Anusiak

* motorniczy, taksówkarz, kierowca, maszynista, oprogramowanie, kafar, śrubokręt, operator


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