Some pet hates


The Gaboon Viper. Photo by Ltsheras via Wikipedia.
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Here are some examples of sloppy English which illustrate some of the bad habits which occur with depressing regularity on the English pages of some of Poland’s most prestigious websites.

The NBP Bureau of Economic Research conducts periodical economy cycle research by sending questionnaires to enterprises in Poland. 996 companies answered the latest survey in June 2010. According to the answers returned by them, companies observed some further improvement in their condition in the 2nd quarter of 2010; however, in their opinion, no similarly dynamic growth should be expected in the 3rd quarter.

Polish Market Online

1. Use of comparative without a reference – some further improvement. Further to what?

2. Pseudo industry jargon. What on earth is – periodical economy cycle research ?

In December 2009 and January 2010, as in previous months in the second half of 2009, the Polish economy stood out against other countries in terms of GDP growth. Poland’s economic growth was higher than projected and higher than in other European countries.

Polish Market Economic Monitor

3. Redundancy. Either the previous months or the second half of 2009. Not both.

4. Poor definition. The two months before Dec 2009 or all the H2 months?

In the times of economic turmoil, the ship sailing under the Polish flag has remained stable.

PAIiIZ – Waldemar Pawlak interview

5. Broken metaphor. Is the ship stuck on a sandbank?

At the close of the meeting, there was a prize-giving ceremony during which Minister Sikorski awarded Foreign Minister Schwarzenberg with the Bene Merito distinction, an honorary award conferred upon those whose activities contribute to promoting Poland’s image abroad.

Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs

6. Wrong proposition – award with. No preposition needed.

7. Too many Ministers. Use the title only once then follow on with plain ‚Mr’.

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One Response to “Some pet hates”

  1. Isn’t this just DARLING? It goes to show that it’s often better not to translate at all than to run text through Google Translate and forward it (obviously unread by anyone with even a passing knowledge of English) to a potential client.

    Started in ______ in 1909 year the factory of syrup protects by next decades existing needs. In years 70 – the factory of drought came into being on place of former these potato. For 1996 year we have been Company from about about and in our trade offer syrup and potato droughts are leading products still.

    In our trade offer are starch syrups, potato grits – croup, potato ankle. Our recipients are large confectioner’s firms as well as the large refrigerators on terrain of whole country. We have many smaller also, but connected from summers from our recipient who value fact’s institution that we try always to match requirements and we fulfil their expectation.

    The sale of starch syrup be led in south–eastern, west area of Poland and on Mazovian terrain. Institutions are recipient producing confectioner’s articles and ice-creams.

    Potato droughts be produced on edible potatoes’ base. Potatoes be gain over from farmers – related with Company with contracts growers. Refrigerators are on terrain of whole country recipient producing chilled fruits as well as gastronomy firms.

    Executed quality aftermath from our mixtures it does not retreat dishes prepared from fresh potatoes, both under regard their nutritious values, as and gustatory.

    In 2002 year we began export sale of our articles. In May 2003 year our product –potato grits – was do honoured promotive AGRO POLSKA. We have received this honourable mention in 2004,2005,2009,2010 year also.

    We for several summers have modernized production systematically and we improve the aesthetics of institution. Since 1-th May 2004 we have possessed HACCP CERTYFICATE.

    All the time we seek the trade partners interested in range of distribution with co-operation our products.


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