In darkest Peru


Front cover of Mis zwany Paddington. Published by Znak.

I have been rediscovering Michael Bond’s Paddington Bear stories, by reading them to a 5 year-old in Polish. A special Polish edition of A bear called Paddington has been published by Znak. The copyright of the Polish translation by Kazimierz Piotrkowski is owned by the Polish children’s cancer charity, Fundacja Pomocy Dziecion z Chorobą Nowotworową. The text of the new Polish edition perfectly reproduces the whimsical humour of Bond’s original and is pitched just right for its target audience. But though this text been through the hands of no less than three sub editors, the odd slip here and there betrays its 1970s origins. Wouldn’t Paddington goes underground be better translated as Paddington zwiedza metro rather than Paddington w kolei podziemnej? And surely the little red button that causes all the mayhem when Paddington hits it with his suitcase is contained in a skrzynka or puszka and not in a szafka? It’s pity that a Polophile native Londoner was not recruited onto the editorial team.


One Response to “In darkest Peru”

  1. 1 WroclawInhabitant

    A bit difficult to have a see view considering Wrocław lies over 400km from the coast of the nearest sea…


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