Interesting… what exactly?


Is it a sign of ‚going native’ when you cannot think of the precise English word for something and yet the Polish word that is a perfect fit for whatever-it-is won’t leave your mind?

I had a problem with wątek. I was writing about the aftermath of the Orbis Travel collapse and wanted to say pojawiło się kilka ciekawych wątków w prasie in English. I got as far as several interesting …… appeared in the press and then I was stuck. None of the words in the rich selection provided by Google Translate –

  1. thread
  2. weft
  3. plot
  4. trend
  5. train
  6. woof
  7. drift
  8. ramification
  9. clue
  10. abb

seemed to hit the nail on the head as well as the Polish wątek. I tried thread for size and even persuaded myself that it was a good fit, but as I neared the end of my article I chickened out and rewrote the whole phrase as several interesting aspects of the story were aired in the Polish press.

What would you have done?


3 Responses to “Interesting… what exactly?”

  1. Time to create an English neologism, a loanword from Polish, ‚vontek’. Far more accurate than ‚thread’ or any of the suggested alternatives. I’d have gone for ‚strand’ myself, but even that fails to capture the glorious precision of the word ‚wątek’ in this case.

    ‚Skojarzenie’ another example. ‚Association’ is not quite the sense of what we’re looking for, I suggest the introduction of the loanword ‚skoyazhment’ (from the verb ‚to koyazh’, as I ‚I don’t koyazh the face…’

  2. 2 Steve

    I am not sure what you wanted to say, but ‚trains of thought’ may be what you were looking for.

  3. 3 Adam Kosterski

    Really can’t see the problem. Like many others the word wątek has different meanings in different contexts. In this case it simply means subject, matter or topic. So a straightforward translation would be – ‚several interesting matters have appeared in the press’. However if, as suggested by your translation, the original sentence alluded to a main subject which raised a variety of considerations then ‚aspects’ clearly hits the mark.


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