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Secret Agenda? The European Commission has produced more than three million copies of an organiser for secondary school children. It includes Jewish, Muslim and Sikh holidays. Despite Christians constituting the religious majority in the European Union, there is no reference to Christmas nor any other Christian holidays. A commission spokesman apologised for the „blunder” and […]

A light edit


It’s always a pleasure to work for a client who understands that translation is an art rather than a science. Here is a fragment of a leaflet translated by an English-speaking Pole that I was asked to sub-edit. (I have cut some text so as to disguise the location. Before… Wink at us … with […]

A nice blog?


I’m a bit of a food faddist, so I couldn’t resist writing about a post which mentioned Welsh cheddar and the correct use of English in one breath. Penny Dakin Kiley’s blog Crime against English berates companies for using incorrect English in their marketing literature. I approve of the blog wholeheartedly, but note with regret […]