A nice blog?


I’m a bit of a food faddist, so I couldn’t resist writing about a post which mentioned Welsh cheddar and the correct use of English in one breath. Penny Dakin Kiley’s blog Crime against English berates companies for using incorrect English in their marketing literature. I approve of the blog wholeheartedly, but note with regret that her last post is dated September. She takes the company behind Collier’s Welsh Cheddar to task for the ambiguity in the phrase, And do use Collier’s on different eating occasions. I have no problem about this phrase – as often is the case with English, the context resolves the ambiguity – but I do have some doubts about Penny’s sentence, It’s a nice cheese, and it comes in a nice black packet with a nice picture of a miner on the front. Surely she’s taking the Mickey?

I visited the Collier’s website which is attractive and informative. I’ll be trying hard to get hold of some Collier’s next time I am in England. However I can’t give Collier’s a clean bill of health entirely. Go to the Collier’s website and Click on the ‚Become a collier’ tab. Read the introductory sentence. Oops!


2 Responses to “A nice blog?”

  1. When I was last in Tesco (in Pruszków, a smaller hypermarket), they had an English cheddar in normal, semi-mature and mature versions. It was not their own brand, so I assumed it was a respectable variety. I was tempted by the idea of mature cheddar, which is very rare here, but it was too expensive for my budget. It may have all been sold now, but it might be nice for a Christmas cheese assortment.

  2. Thank you for the link – and the reminder that I should be blogging more often. The reason I don’t is that a lot of what I have to say can fit into 140 characters – so it goes onto Twitter instead (my username is @crimesvenglish). And, yes, I was taking the mickey. English sense of humour I suppose!


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