Throwing dead cats


First of all, let me assure all animal rights activists that I love moggies and wouldn’t dream of throwing any cat – even a dead one – anywhere.

I sometimes use a phrase – przerzucić zdechłego kota przez płot [sąsiada] – which works in Polish in lieu of ‚passing the buck’. I had persuaded myself that I was the inventor of this phrase, and had even started working on an elaborate scheme to charge a 0.1 grosz royalty every time it was used, when I was assured by one of my friends that the phrase is in common use. So I Googled przerzucić zdechłego kota przez płot sąsiada and drew a blank. Have you heard the phrase? Or was my potential customer passing the buck?

The flying cat is one of the amazing photographs by ~0-a-c. The original picture and links to her other cat photographs can be seen here.


2 Responses to “Throwing dead cats”

  1. 1 Paddy

    Never heard it before but I was trying to explain „passing the buck” to a student of mine the other day. If only I had been here before! Dzenks!

  2. 2 Andrzej Pietrzak

    It would seem that the throwing of cat, metaphorical or not, requires further elucidation. I associate the throwing of dead cats through the nieghbours fence not with buck passing but long term opportunist malice. it is the attitude immortalised in Sami Swoj, the epic series that documented the struggles of peasants driven from the easternmost kresy by the advancing Red Army and how they settled and thrived or merely survived in Lower Silesia. kagul was the epitome of a dead cat thrower. Indeed there was almost a chapter devoted to to a feud about a cat, in this instance alive not dead. However your correspondent may be from northern Poland. Investigation in English google revealed references to deity testing, if one leaves a dead cat in a church , synagogue or mosque and the deity does not react then the deity is deemed to be ineffective.


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