Learn English like Prime Minister Tusk


Press reports about Prime Minister Donald Tusk having English conversation lessons appeared in many publications.

(Click on image to read the complete article published on the fakt.pl website.)

With the Central and European leaders supper taking place at the Belveder palace tonight, the news that Prime Minister Donald Tusk has been taking English lessons should not come as a complete surprise. Perhaps he did not want to be completely out-gunned by his Foreign Minister Radek Sikorski. Sikorski’s excellent command of English was acquired in Oxford while studying at Pembroke College and honed by his friends in the Bullington Club friends. Tusk is taking 1 to 1 conversation lessons with a native speaker – one of the best methods of polishing one’s spoken English and gaining confidence in using the language.

For those of our Polish readers interested in following in Tusk’s footsteps. I have no hesitation in recommending the 1:1 conversation courses offered by Angielski z Anglikiem. Lessons typically take the form of two or three one hour sessions with a native speaker a week. For those who want to make faster progress and are prepared to pay the price, the Angloville project – total immersion in an English conversational environment for a week – looks like an interesting alternative.


2 Responses to “Learn English like Prime Minister Tusk”

  1. 1 Paddy

    Very interesting – that would have been a booking I would have liked to have got!

  2. 2 Kolin

    I’m not surprised he’s taking lessons with a native speaker either . . . what I wonder is how much that native speaker charges to meet with him! Sounds like a pretty sweet contract. That would be a nice ‚feather in your cap’ type of addition to the English teaching resume. Hmmm . . . English for politicians. Promises to be more interesting than ‚business English.’

    Have you had any high profile clients? Does the prime minister count?


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