Never-Before-Seen Writing Blunders


Aerial photo of Meols, Museum of Liverpool.

(Click image to go to Museum of Liverpool website.)

This press release, the work of a USA PR agency and reproduced in part below, is riddled with clichés, grammatical and spelling mistakes. There is even some bad history for good measure. Since when was the Roman occupation of Britain ‚pre-historic’? It seems that ‚American English’ can be just as ugly as ‚Polynglisz’.

Document Never-Before-Seen Archaeological Wonders of Meols –

NEW YORK, July 26 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ – KPI, a unit of Lightworks Producing Group (LPG), a multi-faceted television production company and part of vertically integrated Lightworks Enterprises, Inc., today announced that it has been granted exclusive television access to document the newly discovered sunken forts of Meols. The statement arrives on the heels of an article published recently in Wirral Archeology. World-renowned diver and deep sea explorer Jay Usher will spearhead the project.

„The quest for the sunken Roman Forts of Meols, on the north Wirral Coast, is the type of underwater mystery we like unraveling,” said Vinnie Kralyevich, EVP and Chief Creative Officer, Lightworks Producing Group and Founder of KPI. „We have created underwater programming for years from the Pacific to the North Sea, with programs such as Deep Sea Detectives for The History Channel and Sea Battles, which is in production, for the Military Channel. This is the first time we’ve ever secured exclusive access to these underwater Roman ruins that, up until now, was covered by the ocean.”

Meols is considered one of the most significant ancient sites in Northwest England and contains compelling evidence of prehistoric Roman coastal settlement and trade in Britain. A catastrophic earthquake in 543 AD, along with three inundations, resulted in serious coastal changes and damages, sinking what was once the largest Roman settlement in Merseyside. Although a series of artifacts were discovered during the early 19th Century, no large-scale archaeological investigations have ever taken place – until now.

(Read the whole article here.)

Some interesting facts about Meols can be found in this article on the British Archaeology website.


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