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He’s a bit of a rolling stone, He nearly sold us a pig in the poke, but his body language gave the game away. We teased him till he let the cat out of the bag and nowadays we give him the cold shoulder. Ever wondered how English idioms and expressions came to have their […]

Crabbs House, Barnham Park, Sudbury, Middlesex. Photo Jo7000. (Click to see original on Wikipedia.) According to Gibbon, the Roman Empire succumbed to the barbarians in large part due to the gradual loss of civic virtue among its citizens. A brief history of Sudbury (dates are approximate) 455 Horsa, having established the Saxon reign in England […]

Seen in passing


I hold a Certificate of Proficiency in English issued by the University of Cambridge and I have a work experience in English as a professor and translator. My command of English in speaking, reading and writing is very good. Quite good, I would say.

By coincidence


Who would have thought that just these two words: by and coincidence applied judiciously by James Kirkup in the Daily Telegraph could have led to the resignation of the British Minister of Defence? The Guardian draws first blood The Telegraph strikes the fatal wound The Guardian delivers the death blow Craig Murray connects all the […]

Common sense?


Musing on the Polish election results At the end of the 4.50 from Paddington (the 1987 BBC TV adaptation of Agatha Christie’s novel with Joan Hickson), just after the final dénouement, there is an interesting exchange between the rakish Cedric Crackenthorpe and Miss Marple regarding the super-efficient Lucy Eyelesbarrow and his rival for her affections, […]

The following, posted on W-wa Jeziorki, should be sent to every translation agency in Poland. A note on Polish road-naming. Most roads or streets are simply ‚ulica’ (pronounced „ooLEETsuh”, abbreviated to ‚ul.’). The word ulica means street, although there’s no need to translate it into English (any more than one needs to translate strasse from […]

Now I have not the slightest intention of participating in this particular „space”. I won’t have anything to do with an invitation written in so clichéd a language, including all the trappings of pseudo-academese psychobabble and happy-clappy optimism. These are words of emptiness and exclusion, of elitism and trend, of a conference held for the […]