The decline and fall of Sudbury


Crabbs House, Barnham Park, Sudbury, Middlesex. Photo Jo7000.

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According to Gibbon, the Roman Empire succumbed to the barbarians in large part due to the gradual loss of civic virtue among its citizens.

A brief history of Sudbury (dates are approximate)

455 Horsa, having established the Saxon reign in England with his brother Hengist, falls in battle and is buried on Horsenden Hill.

1400 At some point in the 15th C. Sudbury manor ceases to be the London residence of the archbishop of Canterbury.

1846 The Copland sisters commission Sir John Gilbert Scott, the architect who later designed the Albert Memorial and St Pancras station, to build the Church of St John. They also build the neo-Palladian Sudbury Lodge in the grounds of their father’s home, Crabbs House.

1864  George Barham founds the Express County Milk Supply Company,named after the fact that express trains are used to deliver fresh milk to London. He pioneers glass bottles and pasteurization. His dairy business is very successful and with its profits he acquires and improves the Crabbs House Estate, making Sudbury Lodge his family home. He dies in 1913, leaving his business to his son, Titus Barham.

1923 Sudbury becomes the home home of the London Wasps rugby union team.

1927 Titus Barham dies leaving considerable lands for the benefit of the public.

1956 Wembley District Council orders the demolition of Sudbury Lodge.

2002 London Wasps sell their Vale farm grounds for redevelopment

2011 Brent Council announce their plan to close all 6 public libraries in Brent including Barnham Park Library in Crabbs House.

I learnt to read English thanks to Barnham Park Library.

Sic transit gloria Britanniae

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