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First of all, let me assure all animal rights activists that I love moggies and wouldn’t dream of throwing any cat – even a dead one – anywhere. I sometimes use a phrase – przerzucić zdechłego kota przez płot [sąsiada] – which works in Polish in lieu of ‚passing the buck’. I had persuaded myself […]

A light edit


It’s always a pleasure to work for a client who understands that translation is an art rather than a science. Here is a fragment of a leaflet translated by an English-speaking Pole that I was asked to sub-edit. (I have cut some text so as to disguise the location. Before… Wink at us … with […]

A headline from an article in the 31.5.2010 edition of Hot Money (Click image to read the original article.) What should a translator do when the original text is wrong? There are several choices. If the text is a propaganda piece which differs from the facts on the ground and you feel strongly enough about […]

The left hand nameplate of Poland’s most famous steam locomotive Piękna Helena. Photo BTWT. Let’s take another look at names. How should we translate Piękna Helena into English? Beautiful Helena or Beautiful Helen? Which one would you have chosen? In fact both versions could be either right or wrong depending on the context. So let’s […]

by Szczurek Sunday’s televised debate between Bronisław Komorowski and Radek Sikorski was a disappointment. The two contenders for the position of Platforma Obywatelska‚s nomination for president failed to establish any clear blue water between themselves. Perhaps this was only to be expected, given that both candidates were promoting a Prezydentura Lite, and wanted to distance […]