I love comments, they are what make a blog come alive and give it its unique personality. However, I don’t enjoy moderation. I have much better things to do. I manage a number of blogs and discussion forums where the direct posting of comments or posts is allowed, and what moderation does take place, takes place after then event. However, it can be very painful to post a comment and then to have it snipped! My intention is to give p2e regulars direct access to the comments feature, but in return I would ask you to adhere to the rules of the ‚club’.

I don’t like ad hominem comments. So please, no comments of the ‚The minister is stupid’ variety. Instead tell us why you think that the minister is stupid. ‚The minister has made a number of stupid decisions, for example, he has banned the sale of alcohol at railway stations.’ Such a comment is informative and much more persuasive. I also don’t like smut. Other than that you can be as rude as you like!



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